Posted: Aug 18, 2021
Author: Precision

If you are putting in a new patio or walkway, accent pavers are attractive, durable, and valuable. You can put your own creative touch on the hardscaping in Annapolis and come up with something truly unique and customized. Here are a few ways to design accent pavers in with the patio or pathway you are trying to create.

Hardscaping in Annapolis: Ideas, Materials, and More


While the pavers might be laid out like normal bricks, you can place a border around them with pavers going a different direction to really set the space off as something unique and contrasting.

Circle Designs

There are different pavers that can be used to create simple designs, like circles, that can really set a patio apart from others. The pattern can be used once or several times around the patio to create a unique look.

Contrasting Colors

Pavers come in a variety of colors, styles, and shapes, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose just one of those varieties for your project. Put a stripe down the walkway with a different color in the middle. Use a different shape in a pattern on the patio. The contrast will really stand out and can make the project look that much more unique.

Intricate Designs

You can even create more intricate and creative designs. While they might require more cutting and skilled installers, the results are often worth the extra time and effort to give you something that really draws attention to the patio materials and pattern.

Details for Hardscaping in Annapolis

Accent pavers are more than just practical, durable materials to use for patios or walkways. They are a great way to get creative and make your new feature something that is captivating. Raise the value of your home with something functional, yet aesthetically pleasing.

As you start to plan out the hardscaping in Annapolis that you’d like for your home, contact the professionals at Precision Landscaping. We’d love to get together with you for a free consultation. We can look at the space you want to fill with accent pavers and give you ideas and suggestions to help you to make the dream you have in mind become a reality.