Posted: Nov 15, 2020
Author: Precision

A seating wall is a retaining wall with a place to sit. Sometimes they are created to make patios more functional, by creating more space for people to relax. Sometimes they are created instead of a patio railing; a seating wall takes over the job of a railing by creating a safe barrier. They are useful for pleasant weather when you can sit outside and relax, and are also great for the off-season when chairs and tables are stored away and there isn’t a place to sit. If you’re interested in a seating wall, then Precision Landscaping, the best hardscaping company in Severna Park MD, can expertly install one for you.

Ideas for A Seating Wall

Adding a seating wall to your retaining wall makes the space look more uniform while also adding functionality. Seating walls go perfect with fire pit patios. The wall reflects a little of the heat which results in a cozier environment. Add pillows, cushions, and blankets, and you have an ideal space to entertain guests or spend time with family. Opt for stone to make the design look natural, and add light grey and some blue throw pillows to add visual interest. A terrace design only needs to be embellished with a seat ledge: it will create a curved seating area where you can add comfortable backrests.

Things to Remember When Building A Seating Wall

Height, width, surface, material, and style are important factors to take into consideration when planning your seating wall. Though the average height is 18″, it can vary from site to site. Width is important because you want a spot that is safe and comfortable. The top should be a minimum of 12″. When choosing the surface, you’ll want to make sure it is not rough; irregular surfaces will make the seating more uncomfortable than anything! When choosing the material, avoid wire-cut brick because it is likely to snag clothing. Instead, go for bluestone, brick, or cultured stone.

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