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Options for Drainage Solutions

You want your yard to look nice, but drainage issues might prevent that from being possible. You could hire a landscaping company in Annapolis to help you figure out what to do, but it’s nice to know what some of the possible drainage solutions could be upfront.

Advice from a Landscaping Company in Annapolis

Pop Up Drains

These drains are part of a system that can efficiently carry water away from the house. They do a better job than an average downspout and can eliminate drainage issues outright. They keep soil from eroding around the house and can prevent issues with the foundation as well.

Dry Wells

Dry wells are out of sight, and are a great drainage solution that can save your home from water issues after every storm. Dry wells generally collect the runoff from your roof and other areas of your home and can also be used to collect used gray water from the home that you can repurpose for watering the grass and other things.

French Drains

French drains sound fancy, but they are essentially a ditch in the ground that has a perforated pipe and a layer of rock or gravel on top. They collect the water and deposit it into a more desirable area of the yard to help you with drainage solutions.

Re-imagined Drain Spouts

You might have an older home and in recent years, downspouts have come a long way. You may need help from a landscaping company in Annapolis in re-imagining your downspouts and positioning them in such a way that will relieve you of drainage issues and possible even benefit other areas of your yard at the same time.

Landscaping Company in Annapolis Helps With Drainage

If you aren’t sure what to do about your drainage problems, that’s okay. Not everyone is a drainage expert. But when you call a landscaping company in Annapolis that specializes in drainage solutions, you can get the answers you need. Precision Landscaping will give you a free consultation and help you to figure out just what you need for your home. The┬ádrainage solution might be simple, or it could mean a larger change in your landscaping to get the water flowing in the right direction.

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