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Edible Plants for Your Garden

Springtime means it’s time to plant your garden. If you are trying to figure out what would fit the best into your garden, and what you would really enjoy, you might consider some edible plants. Anything you plant can look nice, buy edible plants can be easy–and delicious. If you aren’t confident about what your land can take, landscaping companies in Annapolis MD are here to help. Here are a few edible plants to consider trying this year.


Tomatoes, like paste tomatoes or Romas, are often used in salsa, on sandwiches, or for salads. Cheery tomatoes keep their crunch and add sweetness to whatever you use them on. Whatever kind of tomatoes you buy, they are an easy plant to start with in your garden.


This plant is something that will thrive in just about any garden, which can give you a confidence boost in your growing abilities. The foliage and the fruit can become rather large so you will want to ensure you have plenty of space around it when you plant.


There are so many things you can use mint on and in and it is a plant that grows vigorously so you can cut it back to keep it on the smaller side.


Pumpkins are one of the most fun things to grow, especially if you have kids. Their timeline helps you to have a countdown to fall and the fun of Halloween. They can get huge, however, so you will want to make sure you have ample room for them to spread out and grow well.


Cucumbers are great for pickling, salads, sandwiches, and so many other things. They are also easy to grow and they prefer to grow on something, like a tomato cage or trellis.

Landscaping Companies in Annapolis MD

When you are ready to plant, console with the landscaping companies in Annapolis MD and see what edible options would thrive in your soil and the amount of sun and care you have to give to your garden. It might be best to have professional help to get you started. That kind of advice can help your garden to grow in all the right ways. Contact the professionals at Precision Landscaping to get off on the right gardening foot.

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