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Relax Outdoors with a Water Feature

When designing your new patio or landscaped yard space, there are lots of features you can include to make it a relaxing area for you and your guests. You may not have considered an outdoor water feature as one of these options, but water features can take your patio or yard from ordinary to extraordinary. Water features can be used in conjunction with lighting to create the right ambiance for you and your family to enjoy outdoor living at night, or for entertaining guests during the day. Here are some ideas from a company for hardscaping in Edgewater MD on how to use water as part of your outdoor living design.

Water Features Added by a Company for Hardscaping in Edgewater MD

If you already have a pool, or if you’ve decided that for this year, at least, the patio is going to be your primary space for backyard fun, then consider adding a water feature nearby. A pool and a simple waterfall together can create an intimate oasis just off the patio.

If you are on a budget, consider adding a long stone bench to the side of your pool. The added seating area will provide an area for friends and family to relax while listening to the calming sounds of falling water.

For something more dramatic, build a stream that flows into the pool with rocks or boulders along its path. A stream will create a natural flow of falling water and can add to the surrounding atmosphere.

Health Benefits of Water Features

Adding a water feature to your patio is an excellent way to create a calming, spa-like atmosphere for you and your family. But did you know that adding the relaxing sounds of moving water has some health benefits as well?

Studies have shown that sounds of falling water can actually increase relaxation, which in turn lowers blood pressure, among other things. As you are enjoying the sound of your water feature, your brain is processing out stress and focusing on the natural surroundings.

Consider these Tips When Adding a Water Feature to Your Patio or Landscape Design:

  • Factors in choosing an outdoor water feature may include noise level, location, and cost of installation.
  • The best way to reduce water feature noise is to have a pump powerful enough to keep up with the size of the feature you want.
  • Talking to a professional hardscaping company can ensure you’re getting the best addition for your space.

Finding a Company for Hardscaping in Edgewater MD

Contact a hardscaping in Edgewater MD designer – Precision Landscaping – to discuss designing your own oasis with an outdoor water feature and how it can be part of your patio or landscape design today!

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