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The Right Retaining Walls for Your Home

When it comes options in hardscaping in Arnold MD, most people think about outdoor kitchen areas, paver patios as well as outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. One hardscaping idea they may not have considered has to do with the edge of their lawn. Once introduced to the idea of a retaining wall, many people eagerly jump on board.

What Is A Retaining Wall And What Can It Do For Your Outdoor Space?

Chances are you have seen and passed by many retaining walls, or even walked on them as a child. A retaining wall is a relatively rigid support wall that is used in a sloping area. This retaining wall keeps the soil in place and is commonly used if the slope is more than a 35-degree angle. Uses for retaining walls include creating flowerbeds or evening out the elevation of your yard.

What Are Some Considerations When Having A Retaining Wall Installed?

The design of the wall is an important piece and it should match the aesthetic of the yard and home. You first need to know where your property lines are, you don’t want to spend money installing a retaining wall only to find out later that part of the wall is on someone else’s property. There also shouldn’t be aboveground or underground utilities that would interfere with the installation of the wall. Retaining walls slow the flow rate of rainwater and also controls downhill erosion. If your home is on a hill, retaining walls prevent the soil from washing away.

Retaining walls are really versatile!

One of the many benefits of retaining walls is the fact that they can be used for a number of things. Retaining walls can be used as a seating wall on your patio, so you can employ even more seating when enjoying this area outside. They also create a visual divider in the yard, providing an interesting aesthetic appeal for those who may be selling, or who just value a good-looking outdoor space. Finaly they can elevate the look of your flower beds – literally! – to form a one-of-a-kind look.

The Best Company for Hardscaping in Arnold MD

If you’re worried about soil erosion on your property, or simply want a different look for your landscape, then a retaining wall is what you are looking for. Contact¬†Precision Landscaping¬†today for a free estimate and to get started on creating an elegant outdoor living space.

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