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Time for Fall Clean Up

At this time of year, you might have realized that it’s time for fall clean up. With all that cleaning to do, though, the issue’s always what to start with and how to organize everything so you get it all done.  Precision Landscaping makes things easier with our lawn care services in Severna Park MD, and we will go over the important details to keep in mind as you get ready to clean your property this fall.

The Important Aspects of the Cleaning

The number one thing to bear in mind about your cleaning is that you’ll need to remove debris. You may have already noticed some piling around different fixtures surrounding your home, and there’s always more of it that finds its way into hidden corners.

One other thing you’ll want to do is perform the last mow of the season, and you can always utilize Precision Landscaping’s lawn care services in Severna Park MD for this. Mowing your lawn will give you the chance to better prepare it for the cold months ahead.

You may also have cold-sensitive plants in your garden, and protecting them is crucial. You may get this done by adding mulch to the base and wrapping cloth barriers around them so they’re able to keep their warmth trapped inside.

Getting Your Fall Clean Up Taken Care of For You

If you’re unsure how exactly to go about your fall clean up, or all this seems a bit much to you, the best option is to get it done by reliable professionals. Here at Precision Landscaping, we offer a full-service fall clean up.

That means we start off with rounding up and bagging all the leaves that may be scattered around your yard, including stairwells, sidewalks, flower beds. We also clear them from your curb line, haul them away and dispose of them properly, leaving your yard clean.

Lawncare Services in Severna Park MD

For those who like to roll up their sleeves and do a bit of yard work themselves, however, we have a Curbside Pickup service. After you’re done raking up the leaves, we’ll come over, haul them away and dispose of them.

You have your own way of getting up to fall clean up, whether that’s getting your hands dirty and doing most of it yourself or having a professional service do it all. Whichever’s your style, get in touch with us so we can lend a hand.

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