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Winter Can be a Great Time for a New Patio

Winter is finally here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t already be thinking about your spring hardscaping in Arnold, MD. In fact, winter may be the best time to get a new patio. Here are some reasons why putting in a new paver or stone patio during this cold season may be right for you!

Greater Options for Pavers and Patio Design

Not only can you save your yard from damage by putting in a new patio during the winter, but you also have more options for paver and patio design. Many landscaping materials are at their peak prices in the spring and summer months due to the high demand for everyone doing their outdoor renovations. However, it’s a buyer’s market in the winter months, and you can find whatever types of pavers or patio designs you want.

Cover Your Yard

If you live in an area where the winters are harsher than others, then your yard may be vulnerable. The last thing you want to do is go out and spend time making sure your plants are protected from the cold—especially when it could save you money! Those delicate plants can freeze over winter and potentially die if not covered.

Less Damage to Your Yard

Putting in a new patio will, of course, involve some yard work. However, the ground is cold and often covered with snow, so less damage occurs. The ground is more even than normal as there isn’t much growing underway during winter, which means your shovel won’t go through roots and get rocks stuck in it.

Get a New Patio Ready for Spring

Whether you plan on getting your patio ready to put furniture out on or having a party, putting in a new paver or stone patio during the winter gives you time to enjoy it during springtime. You can spend time planning your winter hardscaping design and the paver layout to ensure it is perfect before the weather gets warm and you’re forced outside on your new patio.

Precision Landscaping Can Help with Winter Hardscaping in Arnold, MD

If you’re thinking of getting a new paver or stone patio, Precision Landscaping can help! We can get started with a new patio for you during this cold season. We will work closely with you to plan your design and create a custom installation that suits your needs and taste. Contact us to get more details on hardscaping in Arnold, MD, for your yard.

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