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A January Landscaping To-Do List

You may think of landscaping as something you do in the spring and summer, with maybe a little prep work for next year in the fall. A lot of people do. However, winter landscaping is a thing. If you live in the area, then you should talk to a good landscaping company in Annapolis MD to find out what steps you can take during the winter to help your property look its best when the weather gets warmer.

Winter To-Do List

There are several things you should be doing throughout the winter:

  1. Stake any leggy plants to make sure that ice and wind don’t knock them down.
  2. Inspect the wires and stakes you placed on trees you just planted to make sure they aren’t damaging them.
  3. Put wooden frames around tender shrubs and trees and drape the frames with burlap. This will protect the plants from surprise frosts.
  4. Prune your fruit trees and any other dormant trees or shrubs you have. If you have anything that flowers in the winter, wait until it does.
  5. Make sure your winterized roses are OK.
  6. If you have evergreens you recently planted, apply some anti-desiccants.
  7. Bring some jasmine, forsythia, pussy willow, and other spring-flowering branches inside for forcing.
  8. Check your bulbs and discard any rotten ones.
  9. Plant paperwhite narcissus and other bulbs that don’t need chilling.
  10. Plant seeds for the spring in indoor flats.
  11. Add extra mulch around plants uprooted by the frost.
  12. Make plans for the spring.

Winter Landscaping Tips

Use these tips to really up you landscaping game:

  • Leave the snow that accumulated on and around your trees and shrubs. It may be cold, but it still acts as an insulator against very low temperatures. Only remove it if the weight threatens to damage the plant.
  • Don’t try to remove ice from your trees and shrubs. You’ll do more damage than good.
  • Use your Christmas tree and wreaths to provide extra mulch to protect your evergreen perennials.

Contact a Landscaping Company in Annapolis MD

Contact Precision Landscaping, the best landscaping company in Annapolis MD, to learn how they can help your lawn and garden look their best through winter landscaping.

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