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Create the Yard of Your Dreams

Begin the outdoor season with a spring update for your landscape. Not sure how to tackle the project or where to begin? Landscaping companies in Pasadena, MD are there to help.

Spring Clean-up

Give the yard a good spring clean as soon as the weather warms. Precision Landscaping can help! They are ready to prune trees and shrubs, clear away old debris that has built up over the winter and edge garden areas for a neat, tidy-looking yard.

Small Upgrade

Board with the yard but short on funds? Start the year with a light refresh. Mature, well-established shrubs can often be kept in a long-standing residential landscaping. They will require less effort, as they are already established. Add smaller accent plants and well-placed lighting to breath new life into the flower bed.

Residential Landscaping Overhaul

Shrubs growing wild, outgrowing their space or looking half-dead and scraggly? Go with a complete overhaul. Even if the current shrubs are pretty certain times of year or have bright blooms, there is probably a better, more well-behaved hybrid or dwarf varity. The dwarf variety can have the same shape, leaf type and bloom habit as the old, larger plant but will stay in bounds and in shape naturally. It won’t require the extensive, hard pruning that an older bush can require to keep it looking good.

Hardscaping for a Whole New Yard

Hardscaping entails the use of pavers, concrete, wood and rocks to create an additional living area in your yard. Add a fire pit or paver patio with a barbeque for an outdoor entertainment area. A covered seating area with a water feature offers a nice, quiet relaxing area to sit and decompress after a long day or entertain guests.

Landscaping Companies in Pasadena MD

No matter what you want to accomplish or how small your budget is, Precision Landscaping in Pasadena, MD, can help! They are experts in residential landscaping, hardscaping and lawn care who can help make your dream yard a reality. Give them a call to schedule a consultation. They will listen to your ideas and let you know how well it will work in the space. Their trained experts can also suggest ideas that you may not have thought of on your own.

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