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How to Prepare Your Yard for Fall

As fall approaches, there are a few landscaping tasks that should be on your to-do list. Preparing your yard now will save you time and energy when spring comes around again. And though you may not expect it, autumn’s cool and moist weather excels the growth of grassroots far more than the summer weather. If you need landscaping in Arnold Maryland for fall clean up, Precision Landscaping has you covered.

Yard Tasks to Complete Before Fall

First, clean out debris. This is important because weeds and fallen leaves provide a space for pests to settle in. Tidy up your flower beds and pay special attention to your roses, because their foliage is susceptible to disease. If you have a vegetable garden, remove debris and pull out old vegetable plants. You should also add a layer of compost to ready your soil for planting when spring rolls around.

Notice any damaged, dead, or diseased branches? If so, trim them. You don’t want them to fall or break. Cut back overgrown bushes as well. Drain all water from fountains, hoses, and drip irrigation systems, and put them in a dry area. If water is left standing over the winter it’ll damage the equipment.

Rake and mulch the leaves, because if they’re left unattended they’ll suffocate the grass. Shred them when you’re done and use them for flower beds, younger trees, and shrubs. Finally, mow your lawn one last time on a low setting to help the soil dry out more quickly. This leads to a lusher lawn in spring.

Looking for Landscaping in Arnold Maryland?

Precision Landscaping is a licensed and insured hardscaping, landscaping, and lawn care company that has been working in Maryland since 2010. To ensure customer stratification we pay close attention to the details of all of our projects. Our goal is to enhance the exterior of your home, raise property value, and beautify the entire neighborhood. Some of our services include aerating and seeding, paver patios, fertilizing, landscape design, and sod installation. For more information about our fall clean up service or for a free estimate, click here!

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