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Start Planning your Spring Landscaping Now!

It’s time to leave 2020 in the past and fully embrace all the possibilities 2021 has to offer, such as revamping your spring landscaping to create the outdoor setting of your dreams! Starting out with a garden plan means you’ll be a step ahead when the weather changes and the first signs of spring beckon you outside. In order to meet your curb appeal goals, yard clean-up before spring is necessary and landscaping companies in Millersville MD can help with these gardening tasks.

Spring Clean-up and Prep

Fall and winter conditions can be tough on the garden, so clearing away debris like fallen leaves, sticks and dead or unsightly plants is an important first step. Sometimes snow and frost can bring stones to the surface so these will need to be found and removed as well. Look around for signs of weeds and unwanted invasive plants and thoroughly remove them from the soil to make room for more desirable ones.

Improve Soil Conditions

Soil can sometimes be too acidic or too alkaline and may need additional nutrients or minerals added to it so that its composition can support a thriving garden. One way to determine this is to send a soil sample to your local county extension office, which will analyze the pH and nutrient levels in-depth. Another option is to use an at-home soil testing kit, which will provide a more basic soil analysis. You may also need to seed and aerate the lawn to make sure it’s healthy and thriving come springtime.

Plan Your Spring Garden Through Landscaping Companies in Millersville MD

Plant choice is important when it comes to your spring garden. You may have several perennial varieties that will grow back on their own. For bare spots, you may want to add an assortment of colorful annuals to balance out the landscape. Plans should be laid out to determine where you want the garden edges to lie. Or you may choose a cottage-style garden and allow the edges to naturally transition into the surrounding lawn. For help with yard services including edging, mulching, and planting, contact landscaping companies in Millersville MD, such as Precision Landscaping, so your plan can soon become a reality.

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