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Top Tips to Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Beautiful

If lawn care doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t worry. We have some tips to help keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. The most important tip is to mow your lawn regularly. This might seem obvious, but it can also be easily forgotten, and it’s the biggest key to keeping your lawn looking fresh. And if you need landscaping companies in Annapolis Maryland for residential lawn care, Precision Landscaping has the tools and experience to help you create a beautiful and healthy lawn.

Lawn Mowing Tips You Must Know

Mowing your lawn may be a task you complete without much thought, but it can either make or break your lawn. When you mow properly, you’re creating drought-tolerate turf that crowds out weeds. When you mow incorrectly, you can expect your lawn to struggle to survive. To get the best results, keep your mower blade sharp. While a dull blade tears grass and creates jagged edges, a sharp blade cuts grass evenly. To never have to string trim edges again, form a flat edging along your lawn besides walking areas, driveways, and planting areas. Then use one mower wheel over it. You can use gravel, bricks, or concrete pavers to create your edging. Lastly, never mow your lawn in the same direction every time because it compacts the soil and creates ruts which lead to unhealthy grass and an abundance of weeds.

Lawn Care Tactics Besides Mowing

To keep your lawn healthy, it also needs air, which is why it’s important to aerate it. You can do this with a gas-powered aerator or a push aerator which allow water, air, and nutrients to seep into the roots of the turfgrass. Unless it’s a particularly scorching summer, don’t water your grass every day. Shallow watering weakens turfgrass and enhances shallow roots while occasional watering makes the roots grow deeper and strengthens their ability to handle hot conditions. If you need residential lawn care, Precision Landscaping provides aerating and seeding, lawn mowing, and topdressing.

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Precision Landscaping is a licensed and insured hardscaping, landscaping, and lawn care company that has been serving Maryland since 2010. Our services include sod installation, spring and fall clean ups, paver patios, and more. Click here for a free estimate!

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