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What is Topdressing and How Does it Help Your Lawn?

When you think about all the things you can do to your lawn to ensure it’s as healthy and green as possible, you probably think about mowing, edging, removing weeds, and drainage. However, one important step that is often overlooked but can aid in the health of your lawn is topdressing. Residential topdressing is an extremely important aspect of lawn care for any serious gardener. So, if you want to learn more about how to keep your yard healthy, dependable lawn care services in Crownsville, MD, like Precisions Landscaping, can help you.

What is Topdressing?

Topdressing is the process of applying a thin layer of materials over your lawn’s surface. This specific mixture of materials then corrects any potential irregularities and improves the texture of your soil. You can opt to manually topdress your lawn; however, the process is quite labor-intensive. Therefore, those with larger lawns may want to consider motorized topdressing provided by reliable lawn care services in Crownsville, MD.

The materials used in topdressing include:

  • Soil
  • Sand
  • Peat
  • Loam

Once these materials are combined, they will resemble the composition of regular soil.

How Does Topdressing Help Your Lawn?

Topdressing is a gardener’s best friend because it has a ton of¬†benefits. Not only does the process ensure your lawn’s surface is leveled and stimulates grass growth, but it also:

  • Improves your lawns resilience to drought
  • Improves draining to avoid flooding
  • Prevents too much thatch build-up
  • Promotes better soil structure of the root zone
  • Firm’s your lawn’s surface
  • Adds organic matter, which improves soil biology.

Adding this mixture to your lawn will not only encourage healthy growth, but also make sure your grass remains pristine all year round.

Reliable Lawn Care Services in Crownsville, MD Can Help

Making sure you take the time to topdress your lawn is a sure-fire way to keep your grounds looking lush and healthy. However, for some, the process may be too strenuous or time-consuming. So, if you want to maintain a beautiful lawn but don’t have the time or energy to topdress it yourself, consider getting in touch with one of the most dependable lawn care services in Crownsville MD. Contact Precision Landscaping¬†today!

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