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Winter Landscaping Tips and Tricks

Winter is on its way, which means now is the time to prepare your yard so that your landscaping bounces back in the spring. If this is your first Baltimore winter, or your first winter actually paying attention to your home’s winter landscaping, then it’s time to learn how to properly get ready for the snowy season. There is a lot more you can do outside of simply shoveling your walkways. Landscaping companies in Gambrills MD stay busy creating high-quality landscaping displays even with snow on the ground because they know the following tips and tricks of winter landscaping.

Prep Your Yard for Winter Landscaping

First, you need to make sure that your yard is ready as you head into the new season. Trim down everything as short as you can including your grass entering the winter season and make sure that you clear all leaves out of your yard. Leaves can rot and kill grass if you allow them to sit on your grass and landscaping throughout the winter season. Finally, make sure you trim any trees on your property so that the limbs do not sag and/or fall under the weight of heavy snow. If you can, try to fertilize everything in your landscaping before the first frost.

Protect Your Winter Landscaping

The cold winter months can be hard on all plants, even hardy shrubs. Help protect your winter landscaping by pruning plants, re-mulching your landscaping, and placing wire mesh around the base of any immature trees to help protect their base.

Minimize Winter Damage

Salt can be very harmful to plants and grass, so ensure you keep it only on your driveway and use it sparingly if you can. Remember, if you shovel snow from the driveway that fell over salt, you don’t want to toss it into the yard because you will be tossing the salt into the yard with it.

While planning your landscaping, think about plants that thrive during the winter, because Baltimore is a cold, wintery climate. This is a great time to concentrate on your hardscapes as well, because they won’t be damaged by the weather and will be a welcome outdoor space to utilize when the seasons warm up again.

Consult Landscaping Companies in Gambrills MD

If winter landscaping seems daunting, then consider hiring a local landscaping company in Gambrills MD to handle the task for you. Precision Landscaping in Gambrills MD is a licensed and insured local landscaping company that has over a decade of experience working with winter landscaping. Contact them today for your free quote.

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