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Advice for Successful Residential Spring Planting

Spring is a busy time for those who love plants. There are many garden and landscape projects to take care of at the beginning of spring before adding anything new. Even those who love gardening can sometimes become overwhelmed with all that has to be accomplished in such a short time. There are some important things to consider before residential planting begins, and you can get ahead by contacting a company for lawn care in Annapolis.

Residential Spring Cleanup

Before you can have the fun of spring planting, there are some maintenance issues. When you hire an expert to tackle these projects, you have more time for more enjoyable activities. Precision Landscaping offers a complete list of spring cleanup services for your garden and lawn.

  • Clear flower beds
  • Create a new, deeper edge for beds
  • Install fresh premium mulch

Think About What You Want

Most people have an idea of what they wish their yard looked like. For some, it is just a few bold statements of color for their current landscape, while others want to overhaul the whole property. Have an idea of how elaborate you want to make your landscape project before talking to a professional, so you can make the most of their time.

Know What Plants Are Best for Maryland

For the best landscape and lawn care in Annapolis, you need an expert on which plants are best for Maryland weather. Knowing which plants thrive in the regional climate will give your garden an advantage. There are plenty of flowers and flowering bushes that love the weather in Maryland, including:

Zinnias, Marigolds, and Pansies: These hardy favorites are perfect for Maryland flower beds and gardens. Not only do they thrive in the local climate, their easy maintenance makes them a great option for beginners to planting.

Black-Eyed Susans: The state flower grows from two to three feet in height. They make a wonderful addition to any garden, making a bold and beautiful statement.

Hydrangeas: Enjoy the showy blooms from a hydrangea through spring and summer in Maryland. These bushes make a lovely addition to your landscape that requires little work.

Finding Qualified Landscape and Lawn Care in Annapolis

When you trust a professional lawn care company to take care of your landscape issues, you can relax and enjoy the fun parts of planting this spring. Precision Landscaping provides a comprehensive line of services to get your Annapolis. Their design team is knowledgeable about the local climate and know what plants are best for the region. They can help you choose just the right flowers and bushes to bring your yard to life.

Contact Precision Landscaping today for more information about landscaping, hardscaping, and lawn care in Annapolis.

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