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Essential Summer Lawn Care Tips

A well-maintained lawn can be the ideal summer entertaining hub. It also encourages people to spend maximum time outdoors while the weather is nice. To create a healthy and beautiful lawn, lawn care services in Annapolis MD keep your green patch lush and thriving. Impeccable residential lawn care lets you make the most of this outdoor space.

Preserve Your Turf

A beautifully green lawn is the result of ongoing work throughout the summer. Keeping your turf in fit condition during this season is what lawn care service companies excel at. The top residential lawn care tips for summers include:

Raise Mower Blade

Leaving your grass blades slightly tall provides shade for the soil, reduces water evaporation, and prevents weeds from germinating. Adjust your mower’s height to avoid giving your lawn a close shave.

Also, time your mowing such that it allows you to leave the grass taller. Sharp mower blades minimize stress on your grass in summers as it cuts instead of tearing the overgrown sections.

Water Wisely

Watering your lawn in the earlier part of the day reduces evaporation and fungal growth. To encourage drought-tolerant roots, water less frequently but deeply. In severe heat, your lawn requires more than one inch of water weekly.

Resist Over-Fertilizing

Choose organic fertilizers over their chemical counterparts as the former does not burn your lawn nor pollute the environment. In the summer heat, applying extra fertilizer encourages tender growth that struggles to endure such harsh conditions. Preferably resist applying fertilizer at least a month before the temperatures rise.

Control Weeds

As weeds grow and multiply, remove them before they bloom and scatter seeds for the subsequent year. Sparingly use a safe product that kills the weeds without destroying your lawn by finding a spray that is only toxic to your weeds. Carefully read and follow the label instructions and wherever possible, pull out the weeds by hand.

Get Quality Lawn Care Services in Annapolis, MD

Beautify your lawn with Precision Landscaping’s expert intervention. Experts suggest you avoid driving over and parking on your lawn. Immediately scoop any solid waste matter left behind, courtesy of your pet. Also, dilute canine urine with water to preserve your lawn grass. Connect now with a skilled team for exceptional lawn care services in Annapolis MD.

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