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How to Care for Your Lawn at the End of Summer

Keeping your lawn healthy and green all summer long can be a real challenge, especially as you near the end of summer. If you get lawn care services in Pasadena MD, the professionals can help. Otherwise, these tips might come in handy to help you make it to the end of summer with a nice-looking lawn intact.

Advice for Lawn Care Services in Pasadena MD

Mow the Grass Higher

While it’s tempting to set the blade down low so you don’t have to mow as often, taller grass gives you deeper roots, which prevents weeds and helps the grass live through the summer times when rain is sparse.

Sharpen those Blades

Check your lawnmower each year and make sure the blades are still sharp, especially when it’s hot. Dull blades can gray the grass instead of cut it in a clean manner and that can cause it to brown out.

Mow At Certain Times

It is best to mow in the early morning hours or at dusk. If you cut the grass in the hot summer sun in the afternoon, it can damage the freshly cut grass and cause issues later on.

Water In the Morning

Watering in the middle of the day can cause a lot of the water to evaporate before it does your grass any good. If you water in the morning, the grass actually gets the water it needs.


Aerating the yard will help the grass to get what it needs as well. The summer sun can make the soil compact and hard, which makes it hard for water, air, and other nutrients to get to the roots of the grass.

Get Lawn Care Services in Pasadena MD

Not everyone has time to pay attention to the details of their summer lawn care, and that’s okay. There are professional lawn care services in Pasadena MD that can pay attention to those details for you. The experts at Precision Landscaping, for example, can take a look at your yard, give you ideas and recommendations, and even bring it back around to health for you so you have much less to worry about as the summer months come to an end.

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