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Tips for A Beautiful Lawn This Spring

As we move into the heart of spring, you may notice your neighbor’s lawns start to perk up. Here are our top tips to make your lawn the best on the block this spring! And, if you need landscaping companies in Gambrills MD, Precision Landscaping offers residential lawn care to help you step up your lawn this season.

Tasks for You to Create A Beautiful Lawn

The first step is to rake. Regardless of the good job you did at raking in the fall, you still need to rake this spring. You should wait until the grass begins to turn green to rake because this shows that the roots are firm and the plants are actively growing. Not only does raking remove dead tree leaves, but it also prevents thatch from decreasing the health of your grass. The layer of dead turfgrass tissue that is between the vegetation of grass and the root system below is known as thatch. This layer becomes very thick which poses a threat to your grass. Use a flexible rake leaf rather than one with stiff metal tines.

Next, check for moss. If you see it, you should aerate because this means your soil is compacted and existing grass cannot grow. Aerating opens your lawn and allows air and water to penetrate the soil. Then, fertilize your lawn using a mulching mower or by topdressing. Mulching mowers turn the lawn clippings into tiny particles that are broken down to release nutrients when they’re on the soil’s surface. If you’d rather leave this work to the professionals, Precision Landscaping will provide you with residential lawn care. We offer weekly or bi-monthly mowing schedules and our cuts include blowing grass clippings off of hard surfaces, lawn mowing, and edging with a weed wacker. We’ll reduce the growth of unsightly fungus and weeds as well. If you need topdressing or aerating and seeding, we have you covered.

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Precision Landscaping is a commercial and residential hardscaping, landscaping, and lawn care company serving Maryland since 2010. You can rest assured knowing that we’re licensed and insured. For more information or for a free estimate, click here!

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