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Top Landscaping Tips for Summer

A dazzling landscape begins with a healthy lawn. You can create a plan for summer landscaping that includes routine lawn care that takes into account the hot, sunny weather. With lawn care services in Glen Burnie, you can outsource your summer landscaping to pros who can care for your lawn using the best professional methods. Here, we’ll outline a few tried-and-true ways to create attention-getting summer landscaping that complements the beauty of your property.

Regular Mowing Schedule

Grass grows quickly in summer, especially after it rains. You’ll want to maintain a regular mowing schedule in order to keep your lawn looking trim and neat. By mowing your lawn on a routine basis, you can eliminate pests infestations like mosquitos that often like to hide in tall grass. You can rely on lawn care services in Glen Burnie to provide you with the routine mowing you need for your property.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Although you might be tempted to pick up a bag of fertilizer at your local home improvement center, you might want to leave feeding and fertilizing your lawn to experienced landscaping pros. They can fertilize your lawn based on the type of grass you have and its specific needs. If your lawn shows signs of distress, they can also diagnose and repair the problem quickly.


Just like humans, lawns need lots of water to thrive. If weather conditions have been hot and sunny, then you may need to water your lawn a bit more frequently, especially if Mother Nature has been stingy with rain. Just be sure that you don’t water during the hottest part of the day, or much of it will evaporate.

Inspect for Weeds

Weeds can pop up at any time and mar the beauty of your summer landscaping. But, did you know that a healthy lawn is its own best defense against weeds? Weeds are known to invade sparse, struggling lawns. By keeping your lawn well cared for, you can prevent weeds. If they sprout up, you can remove them, or let your preferred company for lawn care services in Glen Burnie tackle them for you.

Lawn Care Services in Glen Burnie

Maintaining a lush and healthy lawn and landscape may seem daunting, but don’t let it overwhelm you! Enjoy your summer and let Precision Landscaping manage all of your landscaping tasks for you. Contact us to learn more about our lawn care maintenance services.

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