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Top Winter Lawn Care Tips!

Lawn care in Millersville MD and in general is never easy, but the winter months bring even more challenges. Sure, the lawn doesn’t need as much care in the winter as it does during the spring and summer months, but there are still things you can do to keep it in top shape for when those nicer seasons come around.

Here are a Few Tips to Consider:

Fertilize After Aerating

Before your first frost occurs, aerate the lawn to let the grass breathe before it goes dormant for the winter. It will relieve the compaction that can build up during the summer months. Once things are opened up, it’s a good time to fertilize the lawn to give it the nutrients it needs to prepare for the winter months. The grass will absorb the nutrients and store them over the cold times and tap into them when the spring comes around.

Keep the Lawn Clear

Leaves can pile up over the fall and they can even remain on the ground all winter long and suffocate the grass. You are going to want to remove those lawns so things aren’t too wet, inviting disease into your yard. Mulch up the leaves and those small pieces can give nutrients to the lawn instead of being too thick and wet.

Avoid Heavy Traffic

Keep your driveway and sidewalks clear of the snow so you can use them for walking instead of driving traffic across the lawn. You don’t want to walk around too much on the lawn or the grass can weaken and that will show in the spring.

Prepare for the Cold

The winter can hit hard and you may not see it coming if you don’t prepare. Watch the weather for that first frost and put your lawn care plan into action at the right time.

Options for Winter Lawn Care in Millersville MD

Lawn care in Millersville MD is something not everyone excels at, and that’s okay. You can contact Precision Landscaping for help with lawn care at any time, even when the winter is looming. We can give you free estimates or even tips on things you might want to do to get your yard ready for the cold months that are coming faster than you might like.

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