Lawn Care Services in Annapolis

What is Aerating and Seeding?

It should come as no surprise that regular maintenance leads to a healthier lawn. But what also plays a significant role is the jobs that are reserved to once a year, like aerating and seeding. If you’re interested in lawn care services in Annapolis MD, Precision Landscaping can perform aeration and seeding for you.

The Processes of Aerating and Seeding

Aerating is the process of puncturing the soil with small holes to relieve soil compaction and allow water, air, and nutrients to seep into the roots of the grass. This process encourages deeper root growth to withstand a thicker, healthier lawn. When aerating is finished, it’s prime time to apply seeds, because there is direct contact with the soil through the openings your aerator left. Seeding can also be used to introduce stronger and newer grass varieties. The existing turf will do well with the improved seeds. The mixture of aerating and seeding is proven to produce a strong, healthy residential lawn. At Precision Landscaping, we offer core aeration and more.

Why Might You Need Aerating and Seeding?

All lawns can benefit from aeration when it’s done properly. Aerating and seeding are essential to ensuring your lawn gets the proper nutrients and water this spring to look healthy and full all season long! When kids play on the lawn or small equipment is driven on it, they can leave it compacted. And if you live in an area where heavy clay soil is normal, aeration is needed so your lawn doesn’t become thin and weak. Common symptoms of a compacted lawn is if it looks stressed, rainwater puddles up rather than get absorbed, and your soil is hard to the touch.

Do You Need Lawn Care Services in Annapolis MD?

Precision Landscaping has been serving residential and commercial clients in Maryland since 2010. We offer services such as Spring and Fall clean-ups, custom drainage systems, fertilizing, retaining walls, paver patios, mowing, mulching, and landscape design. You can be confident in us when you hire our company to perform your desired project because we’re licensed and insured. For more information about our services or for a free estimate, contact us today!

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