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What is Edging and How Does it Affect Your Landscaping?

Edging is a way of creating vertical cuts to divide your garden into one or more areas. You can using edging to partition your yard to have a walkway to allow individuals to walk around your garden, or to separate lawn grass from the garden.  There are multiple materials to choose from for your project. You can work with a landscaping company in Millersville MD to help you decide on an edging design that fits your home’s style and needs.

Importance of Landscape Edging

Landscape edging makes your yard attractive. It creates a boundary between your yard and the grass, giving your outdoor space an orderly and clean look. With multiple edging design options to choose from, you can have a style that blends with the appearance of your home’s architecture.

When properly installed, edging helps hold soil in place to prevent it from spreading to the grass or flowers during heavy rains. It keeps gravel materials and mulches off the yard and the pathway. As a result, it helps maintain a healthy lawn and aesthetic look and prevents erosion.

Creating edges in your yard enhances easy maintenance. When it comes to looking for landscaping experts from a landscaping company in Millersville MD, it may become easier for them to work on a well-structured space compared to a disarranged one.

Edging also eliminates the use of string trimmers during trimming. You can also find it easy to add fertilizer or irrigate your flowers without worrying about them spreading to the other parts of the yard.

Types of Edging and Design Options For Residential Landscaping

Selection of the correct edging materials for your yard is necessary to assist you to attain your landscaping goals successfully with maximum satisfaction. Some of the materials you can pick may include:

  1. Brick Edging
    Edging your yard with bricks is effective against creeping grass thus reducing maintenance needs. Bricks are available in different colors and shapes to enhance the value of your yard and home.
  2. Concrete Edging
    Concrete edging is available in different shapes and design patterns to suit your home. It’s durable and a favorable option if you’re not planning on changing the structure of your yard anytime soon.
  3. Stone Walls
    It’s a great option if you have informal plants in your yard since the stones blend naturally with the plants, giving your yard a beautiful and tidy appearance. When properly installed, such an option can last for long and may require no maintenance.

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