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What Lawn Care Do You Need This Fall?

As the summer months start to fade, many of us are thinking about putting our lawns to bed for winter. Even though the lawn may seem to some like an afterthought until spring, fall is one of the most important times that you should focus on caring for your lawn, and a company for lawn care services in Davidsonville MD can help!

Fall Lawn Care

When temperatures drop and leaves start to change color, this is the time to do tasks such as aerating and fertilizing your lawn. Anyone who lives in a region where the summers are hot and humid knows how essential it is to have a lush green lawn.

Fall Lawn Care Services Include:

Aeration – you probably already know that plants root systems need oxygen just like we do. Without proper aeration, your lawn cannot access the essential nutrients it needs to be healthy. Our lawn care company can properly feed and aerate your yard to ensure that your grass receives the oxygen it needs.

Fertilization – Fall is also a great time to fertilize. Different types of fertilizer will target different areas of your lawn. With the proper fertilization, your grass will be lush and healthy for spring!

Hydration – During the hotter days of summer, it’s dangerous to forget about watering our lawns. Fall is a great time to focus on this important element of lawn care because you are less likely to have drought-causing factors such as scorching summer heat. If you don’t have time to water your lawn, be sure to give us a call! We specialize in making sure that yards receive the proper amount of moisture for optimal health.

Precision Landscaping Provides Fall Lawn Care Services in Davidsonville MD

Don’t fret over the condition of your yard this fall. Reach out to Precision Landscaping for fall lawn care services in Davidsonville MD. We also provide lawn mowing as well as snow removal services in the winter! Call us today to schedule a consultation, and we will help you create a healthy green yard all year round.

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