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Why Aerating and Seeding is an Essential Part of Lawn Care?

A bare and thinned-out yard will pale in comparison to a neighbor’s lush green lawn. You need a healthy lawn, especially in summer, to indulge in many fun activities…and to present your property in the best possible light. “Treat” your grass to effective and beneficial lawn care services in Arnold MD to keep it alive and thriving. Aerating and seeding bring life to your lawn’s sparsely populated regions.

Aerating and Seeding Explained

The aerating process involves making holes in your lawn using a special machine. Pulling out tiny soil plugs or cores allows water, nutrients, and oxygen to penetrate deeper. As the root region receives all these favorable elements, they become healthier and make your lawn flourish.

Professional lawn care services combine aerating with seeding. The latter, also called overseeding, involves laying seeds in the cores created during the aeration process. As the seeds fall into the open holes, they have a better chance of germinating.

Why Aerate and Seed?

When timed well and done to perfection, aerating and seeding do enhance your grass growth. Heavy traffic on your lawn thanks to outdoor entertaining, movement of kids, pets, and small equipment stress it out. Accumulation of rainwater puddles and hardened soil are indicators of compaction problems.

Core aeration and overseeding treatments promote root growth by facilitating the deep penetration of necessary elements. Even slightly compacted soil inhibits the flow of essentials that support healthier turf growth. Aeration and seeding repair the damage inflicted on the blades of grass thereby, rejuvenating your lawn.

Your grass may struggle to stay lush when exposed to summer heat. Grass blades gradually become thinner and eventually die owing to a lack of essential nutrients, water, and oxygen. If you want to restore your once lush lawn, aerating and seeding it serves this purpose well.

Lawn Care Services in Arnold MD

Aerating and seeding work well together, as the little pockets that aeration creates assist the seeds in taking root. Precision Landscaping experts effectively undertake both these lawn treatments. We know what it takes to restore the health of your lawn. Schedule an appointment today to better understand a systematic approach when providing lawn care services in your area.

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