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Why is Mulching So Important?

Mulch film is often applied in arid and semi-arid areas to help prevent plant withering, since it reduces evaporation. Apart from that, you can add more features such as trees and shrubs to your home to make your garden attractive and alter the existing design.  Mulching is one of the preferred lawn care services in Arnold MD homes because it insulates the soil, helping to provide a buffer from heat and cold temperatures and makes the trees healthier. Besides improving the visual appearance in your home, natural-based mulch retains water, helping to keep the roots moist. Below are some of the

Benefits of Mulching for Your Residential Lawn

Protects Plants Against Temperature Changes

Mulch functions as an insulator because it keeps roots consistently warm in winter and cool in summer by managing the soil temperature. Moreover, mulching shields seedlings and tender plants from destruction when temperatures begin to fluctuate.

Improves the Soil Quality

Wood and organic mulches improve the soil as they decompose and pathogens found in the soil carry out the degradation process. The decayed organic material is then deposited at the plants’ roots. This natural material provides essential nutrients and holds moisture in the soil for the plants. The plants’ healthy growth and aesthetic appearance are achievable with access to these nutrients and water.

Curbs Weed Growth

Mulches assist in blocking sunlight from reaching the weeds, preventing them from growing and competing with your lawn’s plants for nutrients. Additionally, it helps you to remove the extra weeds that manage to grow after mulching.

Conserves Moisture

A factor to healthy well-grown trees and flowers in your garden is adequate moisture. Fruit trees spread their roots when there is an adequate supply of water in the soil. A drought-stressed plant is more vulnerable to pests and diseases and may become stunted. Mulching can be the next step to enforce if you experience such problems.

How to Choose the Right Mulch

The first step to selecting the right mulch is to decide whether you require organic or inorganic mulch. Afterward, you can determine the extent of weed prevention you need and later on consider the mulch appearance and maintenance.

Mulching is among the solutions necessary for inclusion in your residential lawn care plan to spruce your landscape and maintain your plants’ health. Selecting the correct mulching material is the first step towards having a healthy lawn.

Get Comprehensive Lawn Care Services in Arnold MD

Professionals that offer lawn care services in Arnold MD can guide you or conduct the whole process of creating and implementing residential lawn care plans which include mulching to help increase the aesthetic value of your outdoor space. Precision Landscaping is the place to turn to for assistance. Call us today!

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