Looking to beat the heat and stay cool this summer? Look no further than Precision Landscaping – your all-in-one swimming pool contractor and installer. Adding a pool to your backyard is an easy way to add value to your home and create a fun place to spend time with friends and family.

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Why Fiberglass Pools?

Fiberglass swimming pools perfectly blend durability, comfort, and affordability, making them an extremely popular option for homeowners looking to install a pool in their backyard. 

  • Durability: Fiberglass pools are stronger and less likely to be damaged; unlike vinyl pools which are prone to rips, & granite/concrete pools which may crack from extreme weather changes. Fiberglass pools are 17x strong than concrete pools. With proper care a fiberglass pool can last for more than 25 years! 
  • Surface: Fiberglass pools have a smooth gel coat surface which is less porous. The smoother surface prevents algae growth, which is common with other pools that have more crevices (especially concrete). Customers with fiberglass pools report spending less time cleaning and maintaining their pools each week, in addition to lower long-term maintenance 
  • Easy Installation: Fiberglass swimming pools are not as vulnerable to adverse conditions like rain or sudden temperature fluctuations. While vinyl liner pools and concrete pools require specific weather conditions to prevent damage during installation which can increase the completion time for your project.
  • Comfort: The smoother surface of fiberglass is gentler on your skin & retains heat better than other surfaces. Concrete pools can be notorious for their rough surfaces that can be hard on your feet


Why Precision Landscaping?

Unlike most “pool builders” who often contract out work to various subcontractors, at Precision Landscaping we have the expertise and capabilities to do everything in-house. As your one-stop-shop for pool installation we save you time, money, and headaches. We can complete a pool install in as little as a week for a fraction of a cost of the other guys all without having to contract work out to another company (other than electrical work, which is required by law). 

At Precision Landscaping, we’re dedicated to helping you make the most of your new pool area and can help you design custom landscaping or hardscaping to make your backyard your own little piece of paradise. Be sure to ask about our Financing Options! 

Some popular options that customers ask us to include:

  • Installing a paver patio with hot tub or spa
  • Tanning ledge for relaxing by the pool 
  • Drainage solutions to prevent pooling and puddling around your new pool

We’ll meet with you to discuss your aesthetic preferences and how you plan to use your outdoor space. Then we can design a custom solution to build your dream outdoor living space that will not only be beautiful but will also increase the value of your home.

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“This is the type of company you hope to be lucky enough to stumble onto in your search for home services, and if you are, you hold onto that number forever. The quality of the work Brandon and his team did on our backyard is INCREDIBLE.”

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